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About Boring

About Boring

Post 36:


            There’s a billion books written on discipline. Self-help. Religious. Pamphlets. Articles. Blogs. VHS tapes. Podcasts. They go by various names but they essentially all tend to profess the same theme. Find a routine. Set goals. Take a nap—wait. Sorry, that last one was me. My bad.

            Yeah, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and whatnot; there’s a menagerie of folks I’ve run into that are extremely disciplined, regimented, eye on the prize. For me, not so much.

            I’ve tried to adhere to the militaristic approach. Life in little blocks of time: get up at exactly the same minute, workout, do the thing, on and on. This is probably the best way to go about living a productive life. Problem is, and this is for me, it gets really boring. It just sounds boring. Discipline? What is this, elementary school?

            Speaking of elementary school, I have to confess that I had my share of behavioral problems. I always got done with the work so I could cut up and jerk around with friends, interrupt others—fair to say, young me was a handful.

            Who am I kidding? This continued in high school, college, jobs, hell, it’s continuing right now. I’ll tell myself that today’s the day, I’m turning over a new leaf. For a week or a month all’s well, and then, monotony sets in. What’s wrong with monotony, you ask? Nothing, really. I’m just saying it’s frigging one note central. I want a lot of notes. Bring on the notes!

            But this presents problems that are probably more deleterious to both body and soul in the long run. Juggling is cool for a while, but your arms get tired, eventually you don’t catch one of the balls, and then you’re just a jerkoff standing there exhausted with your balls on the ground.

            Might be the best/worst metaphor I’ve ever come up with. And I’m not a metaphor guy.

            So what’s the way to go? Obviously, we all have to get our necessaries done. We have to go to work, cut the grass, do the dishes. Unless you have someone that does all that stuff for you. If you fall under that demo then stop reading and email me about where I went wrong and how you’re a better person than me. Cause you are.

            Guess the time to mix it up is when you’ve dispensed with the necessaries. Huh. It just occurred to me—the reason I had so much time to be a jerk in school—it was because I paid attention and worked hard. Wait a minute. I’ve been tricking myself into discipline so as not to be disciplined. It’s inescapable!

            So the “work hard/play hard” concept is creeping in here. But it’s intellectually incomplete. I’d call it the “play hard, so I better get this crap done,” concept. Just sounds more honest. It’s a value judgment. Some people take more joy from joy. No, that wasn’t a typo. Good times are better for some than others. Depends on how bad you don’t want to be boring.

            How’s that for a mess of thoughts? Stay strong chuckleheads.

            See you after.

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