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About Playing the Game

About Playing the Game

Post 236:

            It’s been weeks since the last episode of the season. I’ve had time to digest, reacquaint myself, digest again. My opinion is probably rarely considered, but, I can assure you, it’s a considered opinion.

            Game of Thrones has never been the greatest show on television, but there was something utterly gutting about the way the last season concluded.

            It’s still a massive production, well-acted, beautifully directed, so I’m not totally dogging it.

            There was just a problem of inevitability. There was absolutely nothing that happened in the last few episodes that I would consider surprising. For me, no surprise, no point.

            This doesn’t mean I need a switcheroo or some huge reversal every scene. For me the storytelling is too rushed or the writing is too lazy. Again, it’s still good, but there is lacking a bit of the magic of the first few seasons.

            The show has a huge following, faithful to the end. I have no problem with that. It certainly is cool, and more than anything, the characters are wonderfully rich and deep.

            A few interesting things. Jon Snow (in my opinion) is the driver of the show and the most fun to watch, but he’s probably the least complex character. He’s brooding and very set in his ways. It’s his forthrightness that makes him interesting in a world of treachery and machinations.

            Before you knock me over the head, give it a think. Take the first season of Bloodline as something to compare it to. Just the first season. The last two were pretty awful, they should’ve just stopped after the one.

            Anyway, in that show, they tell you the end. They remind you over and over how the story is going to end up, but it’s still more surprising and engaging than GOT has been for the last few episodes.

            It’s not really how it ends. How you play the game is kind of the point.

            But that’s just one humble degenerate’s opinion. I should be reading books anyway.

            See you after. 

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