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About The Laws of Space

About The Laws of Space

Post 257:

The Laws of Space

Episode 41:

Chapter 20 Conclusion:

            “I’m sorry. That’s what I’m saying. I didn’t mean to be contemptuous.”

            “I’m contemptible.”

            “No. You showed bravery and selflessness coming here. I know how hard it is go against these things that have been ingrained in you at every stage of your life.”

            “You do?”

            “Of course. I had to fight to see the truth.”

            “What truth?”

            “We can talk about that later. For now, please stop crying. This isn’t your fault—it’s mine.”

            “What do you mean?” she asked, wiping at her tears.

            “If I had just done what you asked, taken the position after the previous Administrator’s death, none of this would be happening. No Culling, no enmity with you, perhaps even some sort of compact with the Ones Between.” Maybe I said a little too much there.

            It proved not to matter. There was another knock on the door. Alder looked at Susa, wondering if she had been followed. “Tate, it’s Webb. Let me in for Space sake man!”

About Thanksgiving

About Thanksgiving

About The Waiting Room

About The Waiting Room