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About The Hypocritical Oath

About The Hypocritical Oath

Post 210:

            Nothing offends me. Some might call this an affliction of the soul or spirit. I wonder sometimes about the type of mental contagion that caused me to become this way. Language doesn’t bother me. Onstage I’ve been called every conceivable name that a drunk person can conjure. Some things that aren’t even things.

            Beliefs or lack thereof don’t offend me. I’ve had too many of my own, switched them on, switched them back off, often unwittingly.

            Wars, hatred, the Kardashians—it all just kind of bounces off. I don’t like these things, mind you—I’d prefer to have a world without them. But I’m not offended by them. Not in the modern sense of the word. I realize that the world is flush with atrocities and it has and always will be. This isn’t a call to nihilism. It’s a call to the opposite. Being offended is often simply a feeling. Acting to better the situation is all too rare. Acting to better oneself is rarer still.



            Who are we kidding? There is one thing that offends me, and therefore qualifies me as the consummate hypocrite. I find people getting offended to be utterly offensive. It’s so cringy to me. I’m not sure cringy is a word, but you know what I mean.

            There’s probably a lot of people that agree with me here, some that don’t. All of us in our hearts can probably admit though that it’s at least a tad gross to have to hear someone rant about the unfair nature of the world. A world that has literally been trying to kill every human being on the planet since the beginning of time. A world that…eventually will kill all the rest of us.

            So philosophically, I’m jammed up. My back’s into a corner. I loathe the offended brigade, and yet I’m offended by them. There’s a chink in my intellectual armor, and I need to work it out before going into mental battle.

            Of course there is lewd and offensive behavior. Of course there are evils that should offend the soul of every living man woman and child.

            Then there’s me. Offended by the reactions. Whining about whining. I think I might be offending myself right now. I vow to do better.

            Let it roll, brothers and sisters. See you after.  

About The Laws of Space

About The Laws of Space

About The Laws of Space

About The Laws of Space