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About The Laws of Space

About The Laws of Space

Post 202:

The Laws of Space

Episode 24

Chapter 12 Concluded


            “What is that incessant noise coming from those people?” he asked her, struggling to sit up.

            “What do you mean, partner? Come on, we don’t have all day.”

            He moved listlessly to his feet, peering through the crowd at his surroundings. “That noise. It smacks of pleasure, but only exasperated pleasure.”

            “It’s called laughter, Mr. Tate. “They’re laughing at you—at your expense.”

            “I don’t understand.”

            “Yeah, well, you’ll get used to it. Welcome to… never mind. Just come with me and I promise no one else will give you any more beatings for at least five minutes.” This seemed a very fair proposal—Alder followed the girl through the obloquies of the crowd and out the other side. After thirty or so paces he stopped. The noise and pain had abated enough for him to truly admire his surroundings. A field, grass, mountains, air.            “You’re the Ones Between, aren’t you? Is this your home? It sure is something.” The girl turned sharply to answer, clearly amused. The bright sun played with her long brown hair, turning it lighter and darker as she moved back to him. She was strong, full figured, but very much in keeping with the lovely scene. The girl. Her hair. Her eyes. The Sky—

            “Partner, wipe that grin off. No, we don’t live here. We come out and play sometimes, but your Sky Eyes mean we stay underground for the most part. There’s another patrol coming in an hour, so let’s move.”

            “Okay. I’ll go with you. Just tell me your name. I’m Alder Tate.”

            “Alder Tate. You say that like it’s supposed to mean more than it does.” She wished it didn’t. “Let’s go.”

            He stood still and firm, trying to gain some small victory in the confusion. She looked him over and sighed in frustration. His sandy hair was a mess, his face was bleeding, but there was something about him—dignity, kindness, good cheekbones—whatever it was, she didn’t have time for him or his idiotic Spacer ways. “My name’s Addie. Adelyne. We good, partner?”

            “Nice to meet you Addie,” he said, walking on ahead as if he knew where to go. For ten minutes Alder tried to engage further but was met only with annoyed silence. After a spell he resigned himself to following, admiring the swishing hair and shapely form before his squinting eyes. Coming to the side of a gentle hill, Addie brushed aside some growth to reveal a metal door sunk into the earth. She knocked three times and Alder heard a tired latch turn. “You ready, partner?”

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