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About The Laws of Space

About The Laws of Space

Post 226:

The Laws of Space

Episode 34

Chapter 17 Concludes


            …“Friends?” That word gets bandied around, I guess.

            “There are many groups inside the Five Cities—free people, like us. They are there to gather information, disrupt, and protect the future. We call them the Ones Inside. Their leader will find you. Now go.”

            Before he could even get a solid look at Webb and Merchant, they were being whisked away. Addie gave him the tray of food and grabbed him by the arm. As they made a hurried way through one of the corridors, Tate looked down at her. “Couldn’t you’ve just had this Ones Inside guy knock on my door and explain all this stuff to me?”

            “I guess we could’ve,” she answered. “But I guess OG figures seeing is more dramatic than hearing.”

            “How are we getting back?” Alder asked.

            “Same way we got here. In a truck.”

            “What’s a truck?”

            “You need to read more books, Tate.”

            “I’ve never read a book at all.”

            “Point me. And I know what you were really staring at back there.” She still had his arm but her grip tightened a bit as she was talking. Alder felt it but didn’t mind.

            “Well, I didn’t want to give you too much credit.”

            “No games Tate. I don’t like games.”

            “Well I…”

            “No more talking partner. If you like me, you like me, or whatever. Don’t prevaricate. We’re a little more direct here.”

            “I’m beginning to understand that,” he said humbly.

            “Understand it,” she said curtly. “Or I’ll snap you in two. You may fancy yourself a lover, but from what I’ve seen, you’re certainly not a fighter.”

            “Point you,” Alder said, forging ahead.



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