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About The Quest (And Dave)

About The Quest (And Dave)

Post 296:

            It is no small thing to shoehorn oneself into some supposed destiny, to say to the big bad Universe in bold declaration, “This is what I’m going to do!”

            But people do it. Have done. Will do. There are folks that have voluntarily taken vows to stay locked up in monasteries for the duration of their lives. Countless individuals, forsaking family and friends, comfort and sure-footing, only for the chance at proving themselves right to the Universe. Holed up in a basement for years, trying like Thomas Edison to find that one right way of doing it.

            It’s a bit nutty, on the face of it.

            Does one have to abandon balance for the sake of one or two grand pursuits? Probably not, but it does paint one into a corner. There’s something about human nature that prefers being painted into a corner, I think, and no, it makes no sense.

            Humans are capricious and dumb creatures. No, not talking about you. Just you and me and everybody else.


            Getting back on course, it’s these myopic nutjobs that by and large do the great stuff, invent the next big thing, scale the unscalable fortress walls. So it’s all good. We should all shirk responsibility, throw down the weighty chains of petty relations—in a sense, leave it all behind and begin our quest.

            It’s appealing enough. Quests are cool on paper or in the movies. Only, the stories usually don’t include the hero’s mother calling and asking him to settle down and start a family. I mean, what did she pay for college for, to see her boy running around, questing?

            Mom’s got herself a point.

            As one of the most reckless people in the known galaxy, I caution balance and equanimity before choosing your quest. It’s better for your mental health and general well-being.

            Unless balance makes you want to throw up. There are those people, the nutjobs, the basement people, the monastery men. No convincing them otherwise. They’ve got it all to do and no time to waste.

            The key is knowing that you’re crazy before entering upon the quest. The journey is lonely and perilous, not to be undertaken by Dave from sales with the mortgage and the 2.5 kids. Dave’s got responsibilities that no quest is worth walking away from.

            Take it easy Dave. Save this sort of thing for the lunatics. Cheers. See you after.

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