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About Being Epic

About Being Epic

Post 355:

            I was listening to an audiobook about a certain writer and all the adventures and great historical events they were apart of.

            Calamitous wars, regime changes—the big stuff.

            This guy would throw all these lived experiences into his fiction work. Boom. That’s your whole backdrop, setting, tone, and he didn’t even have to write anything down.

            Like an idiot, my first instinct was jealousy. In my tiny head, all I got was that I’ll never be as good because my life hasn’t been so eventful.

            Then I had a moment or two of coherent thought and realized I was being a moron.

            If you’ve left your room, odds are you know some stuff. A billion things. The problem is, we pretend everything doesn’t matter. Suppose that’s okay, unless you think it’s not.

            Everything matters. You’re on the front line of your own life, no matter what. There’s no triage, no escape, and no raising the white flag. I’m not comparing the bravery of soldiers to the average person—obviously soldiers tend to kick way more butt… that doesn’t mean—okay, soldiers just kick way more butt.

            Still. Nobody but you can fight your battles, in the end. Has fought them, and survived.

            Think about that if you’re ever feeling a lack of epicness about your past.

            Dude. You’re totally epic.

            Cheers. See you after.




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