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About Signs and Wonders

About Signs and Wonders

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            There are times when it seems that mining for the deeper hidden things is a dang waste of effort. Confronted with the daily grind and the intractable practice of simply getting on, it’s a logical conclusion.

            Questions like what’s the point and what am I missing still plague the average human mind and heart. I may be projecting, because that’s what I do, but let’s call it extrapolation. Pretty sure I’m not that special, so assuming we all have varying thought patterns on a shared plane isn’t the wildest thing I’ve ever postulated.

            I don’t immerse myself in spates of non-fictional reading, but I like science. Space and time have always fascinated me. I was the kid that had a little flashlight under my covers so I could not so furtively memorize Jupiter’s moons or go over the life cycles of the different types of stars. (“Strangely” I didn’t play Dungeons and Dragons)

            Currently I’m delving into a book on extra-dimensional physics and theories that smart people are testing using the huge thing at CERN in Europe land.

            I admire these people. They are just as nutty as me, trying to find those deep, hidden things.

            Just like me—only really good at math and physics. More than a little over my intellectual pay grade.

            It’s hard out there for a physics dude or lady. The scientist writing this book says we’re simply not equipped to detect anything outside three dimensions of physical space. Our senses don’t have the goods. And yet, these loons devote their lives to detecting the things outside those very dimensions.

            Boundaries suck, because they’re boundaries. And yet—I think they can provide a little endorphin rush. For the scientists, sense boundaries aren’t going to stop them from searching for the unknown. I hope I have that same spirit of adventure and thirsty soul—guessing everyone does.

            Imagine being a kid, out for a walk in the country. You come across a sign that says Do Not Pass. Yeah, it’s a little bit Lord of the Rings, but go with it. I know that kid me is going to ask why I can’t pass. Kid me is going to probably pass and try to figure out what all the fuss is about. Don’t tell me I can’t pass, you big dumb sign.

            You’ve got a lot of nerve for a sign.

            So hopefully we’ve all still got enough kid in us to go stumbling into the unknown a few more times. Could be anything. But it feels good to push constraints—that much I know. There was a time when I wondered if I could write a song or a book or get up and sing a song. I really didn’t know. Just like these nutters don’t know if their crazy science is going to justify that bazillion dollar Euro machine.

            All those wonders. And all those signs. Okay, that last line was a bit much—apologies.

            See you after.


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