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About Getting It

About Getting It

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            There’s a point in every project where you wonder if it’s going to work out in the end.

            Correction: There’s a million points like this.

            Because: You don’t know.

            Two things can help this stubborn problem. Production is key. The more you do, the more chances you’re going to have at hitting the mark.

            I’ve read advice books from people that write crappy books saying that they never write crappy books. This is easy to say when you are getting paid to write crappy books.

            Good stories are hard to find. Especially in movies or TV. If you really love to write and/or you appreciate good stories, I suggest books. Not that book people are smarter or have some inherent gift that puts other people in the shade. Not at all.

            Books are less collaborative. Somebody can pen an awesome screenplay but if it’s edited wrong, directed wrong, cast wrong, produced wrong, the writing can go unnoticed.

            Digressing a bit. Apologies.

            Ok. So where are we? Okay, production is key, and stick to novels or short stories. Number three? Don’t expect to get rich. Don’t even try. Try to be good. This takes a ridiculous amount of time, an indomitable spirit, vampire blood, the willingness to get punched in the face by your own fledgling ego—and some other stuff.

            After all that, your golden ticket might end up being a hunk of coal.

            Number four: Try again, and keep numbers one through three in mind.

            Number five: Don’t make too many lists. Lists are for weirdoes and people that are wasting time that could be used working.

            Number six: Cheers and see you after.

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About Checking the Checkers

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