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About Henry Fellows

About Henry Fellows

Post 132:

On Killing and Innocence: The Chronicles of Henry Fellows

Episode 34:

Chapter 11 Concludes


            “Hey when do you—”

            “You’ll be contacted soon. Don’t waste time, and watch your ass. Sorry to involve you, but you shouldn’t have made those videos. Kinda dumb. Fellows out.”

            The tail-end bravado was done out of instinct. Something tells me this guy wants nothing more than someone to challenge the fact that he’s the best, he’s the smartest guy in the room, whatever. Men and their egos. I get it. Used to have one myself.

            Sometimes men’s egos move mountains. Think of the sack it took to sally forth to the moon. They say it was rocket propulsion and math, but all of that crap played second fiddle to ego. On the other hand, ego can make men do nothing. Make a guy discard everything he just heard because he’s too clever or too full of pride.

            “Hope he’s an astronaut,” I say. Not like I got a lot of other options.

            “What?” Marie asks.

I reach down into my pockets for you-know-what.

            “So what’s next?” Billy asks. He looks like he’s ready to do something. Pretty sure I know what it is. Pretty sure I’m not okay with it.

            “We’re not gonna kill the youngsters.” I can see Marie starting to hold her hands out in exasperation. She stops herself. Let’s me talk. “You know anyone in town you trust enough to watch over them?”

            “I’ll make some calls. But not cool, Hank. This is a nice out-of-the-way spot for me. You know how long it takes to get set up in a city. Now it’s blown.”

            “Marie. Get a cabin on a lake. Without a dungeon. Paying you enough.”

            She walks off to the bedroom while I sit back down, looking at Billy and Floyd. “Thinking we need to bring Al in on this one. In case Hawker doesn’t get the job done. You still know how to get in touch, Boss?”

            The day’s events seem have taken a toll on the old guy. He looks ragged, years stolen in a day. “I suppose. Question is, should we? You know how Al can be.”

            “Exactly. Kinda the point. This is my family. Marks could be on them already. Whoever Nina has watching them doesn’t stand a chance against that guy.” The thought makes the shakes run down my arms and legs. Pills. “Make the call. Billy, come with me. Need to shore up some transport.”

            “Okay. Where we going?”

            “You’re going to Switzerland to kidnap a doctor for me. We’ll meet up in the Caribbean.”


            “I’ll tell you where to find him. And be nice. He’s a good guy.”

            “What am I doing this for again?”

            “Need to get my face back.”


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